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The Office of International Relations urges Clark Atlanta University students to travel abroad

The Office of International Programs is striving to have all Clark Atlanta University students travel abroad at least once during their years at the university.

“We are continually trying to find ways for our students to travel abroad, because we believe an international experience can help facilitate an understanding on how to succeed in a global economy, as well as provide a better understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. Over my 20 plus years in international education, I operated from the premise that students should step outside their comfort zones and actually travel to explore different cultures, norms and people,” Gwen Wade, the director of the Office of International Programs, stated.

The Office of International Programs is spreading the word across the campus about study abroad opportunities through a new initiative called Global Panthers Have Passports, information sessions that are geared toward preparing students to study abroad and the annual International Expo.

Global Panthers Have Passports is being used to inspire students who do not have passports to get them in order to be prepared to travel abroad.

“It goes without saying that to begin an international journey, a valid passport is a necessity. We endeavor to provide CAU students with affordable, quality international programs. As such, we want students to have the requisite documents to take advantage of these opportunities,” Wade stated.

In addition to the new initiative, the Office of International Programs is holding weekly information sessions to prepare students to study abroad. Every Tuesday and Thursday during 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Trailer 3, there will be information sessions held to receive the Education Abroad Application and the steps to complete to begin the international journey. In order to participate in one of the study abroad programs that will be held this school year, students must attend one of these sessions.

There are several new study abroad programs that will be taking place during this school year. The majority of the new programs will be held during Spring Break; however, there is one trip that will be during December. The destinations of these upcoming trips are England and Ireland, Brazil, Finland, and Paris.

On Oct. 14, the Office of International Programs will host the International Expo on the promenade in front of the Student Center. Wade encourages all students to come to this event.

“Education Abroad providers will be available to provide detailed information on study, research and internship opportunities abroad. CAU international students and other invited international guests are scheduled to share information on the cultural customs and norms of their respective countries. There will also be samples of food from around the world that students can enjoy along with fashion showcases, hennas and music,” Wade stated.


This article is published in the Clark Atlanta University Panther.

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