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Father's Day: A Second Mother's Day?

Should Single Mothers celebrate Father's Day?

Question: There are single mothers that proclaim that because they do everything for their child, they are their child’s father. On father’s day, some of these women believe that they should be celebrated and write things like “Happy Father’s Day to me.”

Do you believe that single mothers should be told Happy Father’s Day? Explain.

It is an undeniable fact that single mothers are super women. Super women that have to assume both roles as provider and nurturer. They have to be there for their children emotionally, financially and physically. They have to be their cheerleader and their body guard. When there is nothing left to give, they have to pull on everything that they have to make sure that their children are raised to become the best men and women possible. There are so many strong women who raise children by themselves and that definitely should be praised. Raising children is not an easy task to do.

Single mother's should definitely be appreciated, but Father's Day is not for them.

Single fathers exist. There are single fathers who do everything for their child. Men who take care of their children by themselves. These men don't ask to be praised on Mother's Day.

My mother continuously sacrifices everything that she has for me. I would never deny that she is my rock. She is there for me every hour of every day. Although she is everything to me and is the only parent that raises me, she will never be a father. It is biologically impossible for my mother to be my father. I am not saying Happy Father’s Day to her because she is not my father and can never be.

Single mothers demanding recognition on Father's Day takes away from the recognition of great fathers. Father's Day is suppose to be a day that celebrates and appreciates father's who are involved in their children's life. Father's who show up to everything and who support their children.

No. My mother is not my father, nor will she ever be.

No. I will not say Happy Father’s Day to my mother.

No. Single mothers should not demand recognition on Father's Day.

The roles of a father and mother are completely different. A mother can not completely fulfill the roles of an absent father and a father can not completely fulfill the roles of an absent mother.

I celebrate my mother on every day of the year because she is a mother every single day. I will continue to celebrate all of the things that she does for me.



To all the men who are active in their child's life and support them physically, financially and emotionally.

To all the men who are there for not only the big accomplishments, but for the small ones too.

To all the men who are present and active in their children's life.

Happy Father's Day

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