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Director of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Film and Entertainment Cardellia Hunter advises HBCU students

Cardellia Hunter, a 15-year entertainment industry vetern, is the Co-Director for the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment.

The Los Angeles native graduated from Grambling State University with a Bachelor of Science in marketing. Her career in the entertainment industry started in 1997 with a position at Hitco Music Publishing, where she oversaw copyrights and publishing for an array of different artists, such as Organized Noize, Beyonce and Tony Rich.

She went on to manage Anthony Dent and Kevin Briggs, who are both award-winning music producers.

Currently, Hunter leads the permitting process for various productions and promotes community engagement via Set South Atlanta, which is an initiative that she started in 2018.

Throughout her career, she received many accolades from her peers, including the Locations Manager Guild International Award for her work in the film “Baby Driver.”

Cardellia Hunter (Photo credit: Johntavis McLean)

Recently, Hunter held a press junket for students attending Clark Atlanta University, where she shared her advice for budding media professionals.

No job is too small.

I always tell people that I’m a paper pusher, when it comes to permits, because that is what I do. I push the paper in order for them to do what they need to do, but they’ll beg to differ because I do go a little bit farther. … I am a director, but I will sweep the floor. I will set chairs out. I will check off a list if you’re coming in. It’s just all about showing yourself being well-rounded as a team player.

You should have four jobs on your resume by the time you graduate.

I really thought I wanted to go into sports marketing. I went back home, but this is the mistake that I made. I didn’t intern where I should have. … All interns will not be paid, but your resume is writing to get paid.

Keep your personal and professional life separated.

I worked with all of them. That was work. I had a kid over here and I had friends and I always kept them separated. That’s what you have to do when you get with your job. Don’t let them spillover. … Make sure you have a life on the outside.

Don’t tell your right what your left is doing.

I’m where I’m suppose to be. You have to always follow your heart and you have to follow whatever it is that you are seeking. … She might want the same thing and know that you both can get it, but somebody is going to try to get there first. … Keep to yourself and make sure you have a good circle to rally around.

Dealing with rejection.

You have to let your resume write that ticket. … Somebody is always going to close the door, but when they close it, is that when you are going to stop?


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