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China: Day Seven

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Today, I learned the art of Chinese Calligraphy and Paper Cutting.

Today, we spent our first day at Jilian University. I missed breakfast this morning, but it is alright because our chaperone, Mr. Omar, sent a video of the breakfast and I did not miss out. After breakfast, we had the opening ceremony and the campus tour. After that we had lunch on campus. After lunch, we had two workshops. The first workshop was on Chinese Calligraphy and the second workshop was on Chinese Paper Cutting. To end the day, we had dinner on campus.


I do not have much to say about the breakfast. After I missed the first day and saw the video, I decided to continue skipping breakfast and stick with my snacks.


The Jilian University Campus is very beautiful!

The Entrance:

The Football Field:

While we were at the football field, we witnessed something truly amazing. Dr. Elonge, our chaperone, did a headstand and pushups!

Videos of the Campus:


After we toured the campus, we ate lunch.


After we ate lunch, we walked to a classroom and had two workshops. The first workshop was on Chinese Calligraphy.

My Chinese name in Calligraphy. The top one is what the teacher did and the bottom two are my attempts.


The second workshop was on Chinese Paper Cutting. Honestly, I was nervous about this one because I am terrible with scissors. I cannot cut paper to save my life, but I think that it came out really good for it to be my first time.


After the two workshops, we had dinner on campus and that was the end of my first day in Changchun.


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